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Nationalism always produces war, and the problem is not to be solved by bringing about further nationalism, which ia only an avoidance of the fact and an extension of the same poison, but by being free of nationalism, of the sense of belonging to a particular group, to a particular class of society.]

Krishnamurti's Talks 1949 - 1950 (Verbatim Report India p. 104)

The separative spirit of nationalism is spreading like fire all over the world. Patriotism is cultivated and cleverly exploited by those who are seeking further expansion, wider powers, greater enrichment; and each one of us takes part in this process, for we desire these things. Conquering other lands and other people provides new markets for goods as well as for political and religious ideologies.

Education and the Significance of Life p. 69 - 70

Nationalism, the patriotic spirit, class and race consciousness, are all ways of the self, and therefore separative. After all, what is a nation but a group of individuals living together for economic and self-protective reasons? Out of fear and acquisitive self-defence arises the idea of "my country", with its boundaries and tariff walls, rendering brotherhood and the unity of man impossible.

Education and the Significance of Life p. 70

It is because we are nationalists, ready to defend our sovereign States, our beliefs and acquisitions, that we must be perpetually be armed. Property and ideas have become more important to us than human life, so there is constant  antagonism and violence between ourselves and others. By maintaining the sovereignty of our country, we are destroying our sons; by worshiping the State, which is but a projection of ourselves, we are sacrificing our children to our own gratification. Nationalism and sovereign governments are he causes and instruments of war.

Education and the Significance of Life p. 71

Quotes taken from "Sayings of J. Krishnamurti" compiled by Susunaga Weeraperuma

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