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J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm 1980 Series

Ending of Time Series - Dialogues 1 to 8 at Ojai

These 8 dialogues are not available on DVD

No.1 The roots of psychological conflict.

Does becoming imply time, time as a means of becoming?

The brain has evolved but is there evolution inwardly?

No. 2  Why have we not ended conflict and is time the root of conflict?

Is there a beginning not enmeshed in time?

Is there something beyond the mind?

No. 3  Why has man given supreme importance to thought?

Has life a meaning beyond the physical? What is the source of life.

The ground of all human movement. Insight & ending of time?

No.4  Breaking the pattern of ego-centred activity.

What will make humans change deeply?

Can we move from this ego-centred activity?

No. 5  The ground of being, the mind of man.

Is ground a psychological concept? Is ground created by thought?

You tell me my brain is the brain of all mankind.

No. 6  Can insight bring a mutation of the brain cells?

Is there an activity of the brain not touched by its content?

Can change come through knowledge, will or is change in itself?

No. 7  Death has very little meaning.

What happens to a mind that has no conflict and no problems?

Can a mind be of a movement where there is no division?

No. 8  Can insight be awakened in another?

What is the relationship of a man that has no insight to society?

How does a man with insight live in this world, live in society?

J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm 1980 Series

Ending of Time Series

Set of 8 Dialogues

Audio CD for $40.00. includes postage


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Krishnamurti/Bohm 1975 Dialogues

Reality, Truth and Actuality.

A new series of 12 Dialogues

Available on Audio CD and MP3 CD.

Jiddu Krishnamurti & Dr David Bohm, Brockwood Park and Gstaad 1975, and introduced by Dr Parchure attending dialogues 1 to 5.

Over a period of 5 months they investigated the question: "What is truth and what is reality? Is there a relationship or are they eternally divorced, separate, or are they projections of thought?"

These dialogues precede the "Ending of Time"series held in 1980.

This set of 12 Dialogues has proven to be very popular despite not being released for many years.

To order individual CD's at $6.00 per dialogue contact Jenny Howe

Tel (07) 55232138 Email:

Krishnamurti/Bohm 1975
Reality, Truth and Actuality

Set of 12 Dialogues    
Price $70.00 
Includes postage

SPECIAL CD - K/Bohm 1975 Dialogues

Stillness, Time and Brain

A series of three conversations between Jiddu Krishnamurti & Dr David Bohm, Gstaad 1965.

Conversation 1. Can The Brain Be Still?


What is the relationship of the brain to the totality of the mind?

Can brain function normally without giving continuity, whilst keeping brain fresh. Continuity keeps the brain dull.

Creation can take place when there is no reaction from the centre. Brain moves in narrow ways, can it move beyond structure and centre?



Can the Brain be still?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

Conversation 2: A complete stillness.

We are caught in so many problems can there be a single act which revolutionizes our way of thinking?

I see time is a destructive thing.

I see searching does not bring this mutation about.

Brain is caught in this movement of doing activity.

Out of this movement can there come energy?

Can this movement become silent?


A Complete Stillness.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage


Conversation 3: Is stillness of time?

Clarifying time as it is used functionally, there are two times,

psychological time and chronological time.

Existence in time is a constant movement in duration, do you exist at all except as thought, memory as function and if there is only function not as "I" functioning and no thought identifying with it, function in time means function. When I put function as time aside, then mind looks at everything without thought functioning as time, then mind quietens.


Is stillness of time?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

A Conversation - The Noisy Brain Is Not Intelligent.

Between Krishnamurti and David Bohm at Brockwood 1972.


Q: Thought is a material process, what is the relationship between that and intelligence?

Thought is mechanical, measurable, a movement in time.

Is intelligence mechanical, in time?

Does intelligence use thought?

Thought must be completely still for the awakening of intelligence.



The noisy brain is not intelligent.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage



Private Interview between J Krishnamurti & Donald Ingram Smith

Rajghat, India, 1969.

Question: Can Man Flower in Wholeness Living in This Society?

Q: Is it possible for a man to flower into his uniqueness, wholeness within the framework of society, within the social tradition?

Q: Speaking of this different dimension, the mind must be quiet, thinking for the time being has to end. So what happens when the brain is not chasing a problem?

Q: To come upon this dimension, this movement, can the thinking process cease?

Q: Man now has more leisure time in life, is there a way of filling this leisure time. As man seeks entertainment or pleasure then there is the fear of loneliness?

Q: Craving for leisure we have looked to others to solve the problem. Has authority a way of helping man?


Can man flower in wholeness living in this society?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage


A Talk at Pacem in Terris Society 1985

Q: Can There Be Peace in Our Time?

Do those involved in organizations live at peace with each other?

If you end conflict in yourself will it affect the rest of mankind?

Can we have the vitality, energy to transform ourselves and not kill each other?

Have we evolved at all psychologically? Can this psychological movement we are caught in end so we see something afresh?


Can there be peace in our time?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

SPECIAL CD - K/Bohm 1975 Dialogues

Santa Monica University USA

Santa Monica - Talk 2 1970

Is It Possible To Be Free Of Fear? -

Freedom is needed for a fundamental change in the psyche and to learn about oneself. By observing yourself and giving attention to the question of fear is it possible to be free of fear.

What is fear, both physical and psychological? The fear of meeting danger, of experiencing pain, of death, so many fears. Thought produces fear, sustains fear and pleasure by taking it into the field of the known and begin to imagine things.



Is it possible to be free of fear?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage



Ojai  - Talk 3 1975

Time. Suffering. Death. Immortality.

Can we understand, by observing them, the whole structure of our problems as all problems are interrelated?

Can time end or is it a continuous movement as we are caught in its sequence of yesterday, today, tomorrow? Can we live in the "now"?

There is physical suffering such as hurt and psychological suffering such as loneliness, the grief of losing someone. Can suffering end?

Is this living different from "me"?

Is dying the ending of that which I have created.

Is the self frightened of coming to an end of all I have done?

If I don't run away from it, just see this, the time interval has ended.


Time. Suffering. Death. Immortality.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage


Ojai - Talk 2 1977

The Importance of Leisure in our lives.

Is only when you have leisure that you can learn easily without the mind being occupied with problems, anxieties, an occupation. In that state one can learn, by memories and learn by observation, not by storing this information in memory and act according with that. To look afresh at something, free of memory for something new to take place.

Our consciousness is in total disorder, to observe without distortion brings order.

The importance of leisure in our lives.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

Ojai  - Talk 1 1983

You Are A Bundle of Memories.

You are thought, can that thought be aware of itself?

What can one do with thought which has created this disorder?

Is it possible to live in relationship without a single conflict?

Is a relationship based on memory? Is accumulated knowledge of each other love?

When conflict ends does it imply there is a sense of love?Can there be peace between human beings what ever their race, language, culture?

You are a bundle of energies.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

Madras Talks, India.

The Ending of Suffering - Madras 1974 Talk 3

Is the art of learning the cultivation of memory, an acquisition of knowledge as memory? Can learning be a constant movement and not storing it up as memory?

It is an art to face a challenge, our response to the challenge, where the mind is in a state of inquiry and learning as we go along.

The question & meaning of death, the belief of re-birth, so is there anything permanent in you that can incarnate. To die to your attachments now?

The ending of suffering.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

The Innermost Nature of The Self - Madras 1977-78 Talk 5

What is the self, the "me", how does it arise?

Is it fragmentary, put together by thought, words, memories?

Can I observe myself each moment as though it were fresh?

Do you observe anything with the totality of your senses? What is the relationship of love to sorrow. Does compassion come with the ending of sorrow? Can you end your attachment?

The innermost nature of the self.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

Saanen Talks, Switzerland

Can Love Exist While Humans Suffer? - Saanen 1976 Talk 5

What is love? What actually is our relationship, the word means to respond, respond to another. Do we ever respond totally or is it a partial response?

Is our relationship based on memory, on desire as thought, creating various images of myself and images of you, and I relate to you through these images. If I'm aware of this process, this image making ceases. Where there is love, there is jealousy. To find out what love is there must be no fragmentation and a harmony in my way of living. Then love will come.

Can love exist while humans suffer?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

Can The Brain Be Quiet? - Saanen 1970 Talk 7

Can the old brain be quiet, and only function when it is necessary to operate, and function?

Can the brain so active during the day, quieten without compulsion.

Is it possible to end a problem as it arises?

Can a conditioned brain be quiet, see confusion instantly and act because it is clear?


Can the brain be quiet?

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

Brockwood Talk, UK

Action Without Authority of the Image - Brockwood 1971 Talk 2

Have images become the authority in action and can there be an action without any sense of authority?

Can we have a relationship without the authority of an image?

Do opinions and comparisons cause disorder?

When heart and mind are totally attentive there is no image making.


Action without authority of the image.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage


Amsterdam Talk, Netherlands

A Religious Mind Is A Factual Mind - Amsterdam Talk 2 1981


Can we observe what living is and what it means to die?

What is it that continues in our daily life?

Can one while living in all the turmoil, have the energy, the capacity to end attachment? Do our brains ever act completely?

To find out what is a religious mind it is necessary to be free of all thought? Contradiction, division is disorder. Order is the foundation of a religious mind.


A religious mind is a factual mind.

One Audio CD      
Price $ 6.00 
Includes postage

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